A journey into
your essence

Starting on March 11th 2024
in North Germany

Accompanied by
Vivian Dittmar and the
Lebensweise Team

The Lebensweise Year-Long Training is a journey into your own essence,
accompanied by Vivians presence and clarity,
supported by the power of community.

Emotionale Heilung

Week 1


Woche 2


Woche 3

Echter Wohlstand

Woche 4

“We live in a time that calls on all of us
to be more connected to ourselves, to each other, and to the world.”

– Vivian Dittmar –


Do you want a deeper understanding,
beyond the social image of “success”?

Mysterium des Lebens

Do you long to experience and celebrate the
mystery of life?


Do you wish to realign yourself with a way of living that suits
your true needs?

The Lebensweise Year-Long Training is the right course for you, if you…

… are ready to clean up your emotional world.

… want to improve your relationships.

… yearn for more clarity, alignment, and meaning.

… crave experimental experiential spaces.

… long for a deeper connection with life.

“I’ve never experienced a quality of encounter with anyone like I have with Vivian: mutually respectful, never judgmental or patronizing, and giving advice from her own intense presence on how I can use the tools and thus find a way back to myself.”

– Dirk Soboll –

In the Lebensweise Year-Long Training,
you will learn…


…how to clean up emotionally
and become available for
deeper contact with
your own essence.

  • How do anger, sadness, fear, shame, and joy become positive forces in my life?
  • How does emotional healing happen?
  • What role does emotional baggage play in my relationships?
  • How can I step out of drama, and find my authentic aliveness?
  • What are unhealthy feelings and how can they be transformed?
  • How can I be more relaxed?
  • What happens when I take responsibility for my feelings and needs?
  • How can I express my feelings without hurting others?

…what makes healthy relationships
possible and
how you can
develop them.

  • Find out what you really want!
  • What is the difference between emotional activation and healthy tension in conflicts?
  • How can you build your relationships on a foundation of respect?
  • How can you balance your needs for intimacy and distance?
  • Experience how an attitude of “I’m ok, you’re ok” puts an end to all power games.
  • How can needs be a stimulus for growth in relationships?
  • What are connecting solutions and how do they differ from a compromise?
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…how to align yourself with a
way of life that is
more in line with
your true needs.

  • How can you get into deeper contact with your own essence and let it guide you?
  • How can you create more true prosperity in your life?
  • How do you recognize when your intuition is speaking, and when it’s your emotions?
  • How do you manage to get out of your stories and be in touch with what is here now?
  • What nourishes your heart?
  • How can you use the power of intention to focus on what is really important to you?
  • How do you bring your creative ideas and talents into the world?

“I’m much less afraid of conflict because I’m increasingly able to name what’s going on inside of me while I’m in contact with others, including what I can’t reconcile inside myself or where there are old wounds. And I’m learning how to confront issues and contradictions in a new way, so that I end up with a “both/and” more often than an “either/or”.”

– Nina –

The Lebensweise Year-Long Training in Detail

A year with Vivian and her team will accompany you on your journey to yourself.

Vivian Dittmar-2020-1600px-008

Input from Vivian
Methods based on deep experience,
theoretically grounded,
and practically tested.

Alternative-Bild-1-oder-2-Cropped Cropped

Vivian leads you into deep
spaces of experience in
which the teachings
become tangible.

lotus-2307270_1920 Cropped

Space for your

Clan Struktur

Clan Structure
Deep sharing and
mutual support in
small groups.


Vivian will be
supported by
the experienced

Lebensweise Team.

Übungsgruppen Calls

between the


In a
beautiful place: 

Lebensgarten Steyerberg
near Hanover, Germany.


Get qualified
to apply for the
Coaching Training
with Vivian.

Content of the Year-Long Training

The Lebensweise Year-Long Training is divided into four modules spread across the year. Each module is one week long, so that you have enough time to immerse yourself deeply in community and the respective teachings.


Week 1, March 11-17, 2024: Emotional Healing
You start your journey with cleaning up emotionally. You are introduced to the practice of Conscious Release and explore the power of your feelings. By lovingly and patiently turning to those parts of yourself that you have long avoided, healing becomes possible. You begin to free yourself from the layers that stand between you and your own essence. As you gain inner clarity, the emotional forces of anger, sadness, fear, shame, and joy are given new space. They can unfold as life-affirming forces within you instead of being obstacles in your way.


Week 2, June 10-16, 2024: Healthy Relationships
How can you build relationships in which you fully respect yourself and others? How can you relate to your own needs in a way that is liberating? How can you develop a healthy balance between dependence and independence? This week is all about your relationship skills. By developing a new way of dealing with conflict, differences become exciting and needs become beautiful. You can rediscover what connects you to others and how fulfilling real intimacy can be.


Week 3, September 9-15, 2024: Inner Alignment
The more your inner space clears up, the more receptive you become to the subtle signals that your Inner GPS uses to guide you. This week you will deepen your contact with your intuition, inspiration and heart intelligence, connecting them with your intention and the power of reason. With them you will get to know four trans-rational approaches to thinking that can free your intellect from its chronic overload.

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Week 4, December 9-15, 2024: True Prosperity
Based on our journey so far, you are now ready to realign your life. What is really important to you? What nourishes your heart? How can you create more space for those things in your life? What is your deeper calling in these times? Which talents want to be (re)discovered? This week is all about the five dimensions of true prosperity: time, relationship, creativity, spirituality, and ecology.

“I was able to face my limitations and blockages in a very short space of time, for example, my suppressed feelings about relationships. For the first time, I was able to feel the emotions behind them, live through them, and get back into a committed relationship after years without one. This led me to a new kind of depth and connection.”

- David –

About Vivian Dittmar

Vivian Dittmar is an author, founder of the Be the Change Foundation and a passionate advocate for cultural change. Growing up on three continents sensitised her to the global challenges of our time, and inspired a drive to find integrative solutions. Vivian has been committed to the holistic development of people, society, economy and consciousness for more than two decades. Her journey has led to books, lectures, seminars, online offerings and implementation-oriented projects. She has written several books about emotional intelligence and personal development that have sold more than 100,000 copies worldwide. As a wisdom teacher, she has been accompanying people on the path of personal development for over two decades.


“Becoming “lebensweise” means cultivating a wise way of life.
It means learning to dance with life.”

– Vivian Dittmar –

With the Lebensweise Year-Long Training, you get:

  • Guidance on a deep, personal journey in four, one-week intensive modules with Vivian and the Lebensweise team.
  • The contents of Vivian’s books taught in an experiential, implementation-oriented way.
  • Exercises and practical tips that you can integrate into your everyday life, in order to clean up inside and develop inner clarity.
  • Connection with a group of people who are asking the same questions that you are.
  • Group calls between the live modules to support you in implementing the teachings in your everyday life.
  • Support in realigning your life towards True Prosperity.
  • A Certificate of Participation from the Lebensweise Academy.

“The different ways of accessing the content ensured that the insights didn’t get stuck in my head, but could be metabolized and sink into my entire system. The lively experiential spaces initiated healing and transformation that extends far beyond the Year-Long Training!”

– Jana Muchalski –

The Lebensweise Year-Long Training is
right for you, if you…

  • are open to a comprehensive transformational process.
  • are ready to encounter yourself and others deeply.
  • crave experimental experiential spaces.
  • are physically and mentally resilient.
  • are capable of personal responsibility and self-care.
  • see the deep connection between inner und outer change, personal und collective processes.

The Lebensweise Year-Long Training is
not right for you, if you…

  • hope that your problems will magically disappear.
  • aren’t prepared to engage in intense inner processes.
  • are looking for a substitute for therapy or want to be fixed.
  • are primarily searching for intellectual answers.
  • are simply curious about Vivian’s work or just want to work on yourself a little.

Registration for Lebensweise Year-Long Training is now open.
The registration deadline is February 21, 2024.


€ 299,- per Month
€ 3.490,- in full

*plus accommodation & meals

The Venue in Lebensgarten Steyerberg

The venue is located in Lebensgarten Steyerberg – an inspiring eco-village between Hanover and Bremen. Surrounded by forests, the community practices sustainable living in harmony with nature. In addition to a beautiful, large seminar room, we have single, double and multi-bed rooms and, on request, mattress dormitories. Find out about the prices here. They serve organic vegetarian breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and their food is regional, seasonal, vegan and organic. Some of the food even comes directly from the permaculture garden at Lebensgarten Steyerberg. The seclusion and naturalness of the location provide us with optimal support for our inner work. The closest airports are Hanover and Bremen and the nearest train station is in Nienburg/Weser. From there there are direct bus connections to Lebensgarten Steyerberg.

Further information about the venue (website in German).

Frequently Asked Questions

The term Lebensweise comes from the German “Leben” (life) and “Weise” (meaning both “wise” and “way”). Vivian explains it in her own words in a conversation with John Vervaeke here.

Because the Year-Long Training will be held in Germany, the teaching language will be German. You will receive live translation during the training. You will also be placed in an English speaking group to engage in exercises and discussions.

Yes, you are obliged to do so. If you cancel in good time, accommodation and meals may be waived by the seminar house. Here, for example, with seminar cancellation insurance, (website in German) there is cancellation insurance that covers the costs in this case.

If training is prohibited by law, alternative dates will be offered as soon as possible. If you are unable to attend these, the training fee can be refunded on a pro rata basis.

Please check for yourself whether the conditions in your federal state suit your situation: Bildungsprämie (website in German)

The Year-Long Training is not a professional qualification in the strict sense and does not serve as training for working with other people. However, it can be considered an asset by some employers or in a freelancer’s portfolio. It is also a prerequisite for the Lebensweise Coaching course. If you are already a trained coach, counselor, trainer or therapist, the Year-Long Training is a good way to continue your education.

Yes and no. The Year-Long Training integrates the content of the previous individual seminars Emotional Backpack, Inner GPS, Relationship Conflicts, and True Prosperity, which will no longer be offered from 2024 on. If you have already attended all of these individual seminars, you will therefore be familiar with a lot of the content. At the same time, the Year-Long Training goes beyond the individual seminars, firstly because we take more time together to experience the content, secondly because it is part of a continuous process, and thirdly because the transpersonal orientation of Vivian’s work is more to the fore in the Lebensweise Year-Long Training than was previously the case in the seminars.

The content of Vivian’s books and courses is based on her own insights, which she has verified through research seminars and exchanges with others over decades. There are parallels to other approaches, which people occasionally point out. At points, some have accused Vivian of having “borrowed” from them. But throughout history, there have been innovations that were independently formulated by several individuals at the same time. It’s not a competitive situation, but rather one in which different approaches complement each other wonderfully and address different needs. We hold a respectful attitude towards the aforementioned approaches while emphasizing that the origin of Vivian’s work lies in her own research. Therefore, there are (sometimes significant) differences in content. In the case of Possibility Management, there is a connection that goes back over twenty years when Vivian studied with a teacher who, in turn, had the same teacher as the founder of that framework. However, both Vivian’s emotional work and Possibility Management were developed independently based on personal research.

Yes, please come to us at registration[at]viviandittmar.com with a suggestion as to what would be right for you.

On the one hand, the individual training blocks are twice as long (6 instead of 3 days). On the other hand, you and everyone else commit to spending the whole year working intensively right from the start. The continuity of participation by a constant group of people means that the work can be practiced and absorbed much more deeply. There are also online meetings for integration between the live meetings.

The online courses can be a good preparation or accompaniment to the Year-Long Training, but cannot replace it. There are certain levels of work that can only be achieved through direct personal contact.

No. Vivian’s books are certainly a good preparation or companion to the Year-Long Training. But, as Vivian’s work is in the process of being translated into English, the course is also structured so that you can fully participate without having read the books.

At first glance, Vivian’s work may seem similar to many other coaching or therapy concepts. In practice, however, the decisive factor is the experiential space, which is very special in Vivian’s work. He draws on the transpersonal, which is very different from the idea of personal development.

By engaging with the experience, it becomes part of your system and therefore also part of your work. However, unlike Lebensweise Coaching Training, the Year-Long Training is not a professional training.

We would also like to give people with a mental illness the opportunity to follow this path. However, a basic level of stability and interpersonal skills is of course required. Likewise, the Lebensweise Year-Long Training does not replace outpatient psychotherapy or a stay in hospital. Please contact the team to find out whether participation is suitable for you at this time.

It is a wonderful thing to take part in the annual training as a couple or family. Officially there is no couples discount, but if you do not have enough money to participate at the same time, please contact the team at registration[at]viviandittmar.com to ask for an individual discount.

Yes, come to us at registration[at]viviandittmar.com with a specific offer and we’ll work with you to find a solution that works for everyone.

– Single room with private bathroom EZB 60,00 €
– Single room with shared bathroom EZ 51,00 €
– Double room with private bathroom DZB 46,00 €
– Double room with shared bathroom DZ 39,00 €
– Shared room with shared bathroom MZ 30,00 €
– Motorhome pitch with shared bathroom WB 29,00 €
– Tent pitch with shared bathroom ZE 14,00 €
– on request mattress dormitory ML 25,00 €

The price includes bed linen and two towels for a room booking.

Meals / day

– Full board: 43,50 €
– Breakfast: 12,00 €
– Lunch: 18,50 €
– Dinner: 13,00 €

We base the prices of our programs on those of comparable offerings. At the same time, we are always committed to making participation possible for individuals for whom the price may be too high, through scholarships or discounts. The income generated from the Year-Long Training supports a growing team and finances the various non-profit projects of the Be the Change Foundation. Neither Vivian nor anyone else benefits personally from course offerings — on the contrary, everyone contributes a significant amount of volunteer work and earns less than they could in other contexts.

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