Online Course
with Vivian Dittmar

Learn a safe, effective, and
reliable method for releasing
unhealthy feelings

Emotional Healing is made possible through…







“Vivian has a profound reflection on affect that is not just theoretical, but expressed as a transformative practice.”

John Vervaeke – author of Awakening from the Meaning Crisis,
professor of psychology and cognitive science, University of Toronto

A deep journey of emotional healing.


Are you regularly overwhelmed by emotions?
Do small things sometimes
make you fly off the handle,
or suddenly go numb,
and feel nothing at all?

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Despite your best intentions,
do your emotions continually throw you for a loop,
and end up
poisoning your relationships?


Do you want personal growth that frees you
from emotional baggage?
Do you long to live
carefree and easy?

The Emotional Backpack
is the right course for you,
if you…

… are fed up with drama.

… want to experience a healing form of feeling.

… are curious about the power of compassion.

… would like to take your emotional competence to the next level.

This course will empower you to:

  • better understand your feelings and emotions
  • handle emotional baggage in a healing way
  • improve your ability to be compassionate
  • avoid feeling overwhelmed by emotions
  • keep your relationships stable by staying grounded
  • deepen your understanding of others
  • live in a more free and easygoing way

“It’s not a course that you can talk about. You have to experience it. It helped me stop thinking and creating feelings. I arrived at the thoughtless and timeless moment where feeling fills me,
and I learn to simply be with it.”

– Manuela Durand –
course participant

Vivian shares her experience,
and accompanies you step by step on your path to emotional healing.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this course. It goes much deeper than the book and motivates me to practise and keep at it. Everything I have learned will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

- Inesa A. –
course participant


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16 Teaching Videos
Vivian shares
her knowledge and


10 In-Depth Exercises
and Reflections

Both audio and text


Practical Tips
for everyday
emotional hygiene

“My method is both simple and profound.
You can learn to not just stuff difficult emotions back into
your backpack, but to really feel them and thus heal them.”

– Vivian Dittmar –

Course Outline


Module 1: What’s an Emotional Backpack?

In the first module, Vivian talks about exploring your personal emotional backpack. She takes a close look at what causes emotional baggage and how it affects you. You’ll also learn how to be more aware of emotional activation in yourself and others.

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Module 2: Holding a Space of Compassion

The second module explores the role of the Listener in the practice of Conscious Release. Together with Vivian, you’ll learn to move beyond pity and empathy to develop the power of compassion. By seeing others with your heart, and holding a space of loving-kindness, real emotional healing can happen.


Module 3: Follow the Path of Feeling

In the third module, you’ll learn how to access and follow the path of feeling leading to a conscious release of emotional baggage. Vivian explains how to allow emotions to move, and brings it all together in the full practice of Conscious Release.


Module 4: Deepening the Practice

Module 4 explores common detours and dead ends on the Path of Feeling that can hinder emotional healing. You’ll learn about the concept of Absolutes that shield you from being with things as they are, and about the three layers of your backpack: emotions, trauma, and collective baggage.


Module 5: Emotional Hygiene

The fifth module focuses on emotional hygiene. Vivian explains what this means and how you can integrate it into your everyday life with her tips and tricks. You’ll also find answers to frequently asked questions from other course participants.

“Human beings cannot embody their deepest insights unless they both grow & heal in their emotional intelligence. Vivian’s work engages this task with more clarity and nuance than I have seen anywhere else.”

- Layman Pascal –
Essayist, host of The Integral Stage podcast

About Vivian Dittmar

Vivian Dittmar is an author, founder of the Be the Change Foundation and a passionate advocate for cultural change. Growing up on three continents sensitised her to the global challenges of our time, and inspired a drive to find integrative solutions. Vivian has been committed to the holistic development of people, society, economy and consciousness for over two decades. Her journey has led to books, lectures, seminars, online offerings and implementation-oriented projects. She has written several books about emotional intelligence and personal development that have sold more than 100,000 copies worldwide. Dittmar’s current publisher in Germany is Random House. She also self-publishes with edition est.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Emotional Backpack online course is based on the book, and complements it. The course brings the contents of the book to life and helps you to internalize and implement them. However, the course also works on its own, without the book.

You don’t need any special equipment: you can participate in the course on your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. All you need is an internet connection with a bandwidth of at least 6 megabytes per second.

After receiving your payment, we will send you an email with login details. Each new module will open up when you complete the previous one. You can view the content at a time and pace of your choice.

Yes, you can do everything at your own pace!

We recommend that you do one module per week, and invest at least 60 additional minutes per week to practice if you want to get the most out of the course. The exercises are a real game changer, but only if you do them.

You will get as much out of the course as you put in!

You can pay via credit card using Stripe. Just click on the start now button, and you will be re-directed to a page that will take your payment information.

You can cancel the course within 7 days and receive a full refund. You are free to give a reason or not. At the same time, if you decide to cancel, we appreciate your feedback on what you didn’t like about the course.

If you would like a refund on your purchase, please contact

The content of Vivian’s books and courses is based on her own insights, which she has verified through research seminars and exchanges with others over decades. There are parallels to other approaches, which people occasionally point out. At points, some have accused Vivian of having “borrowed” from them. But throughout history, there have been innovations that were independently formulated by several individuals at the same time. It’s not a competitive situation, but rather one in which different approaches complement each other wonderfully and address different needs. We hold a respectful attitude towards the aforementioned approaches while emphasizing that the origin of Vivian’s work lies in her own research. Therefore, there are (sometimes significant) differences in content. In the case of Possibility Management, there is a connection that goes back over twenty years when Vivian studied with a teacher who, in turn, had the same teacher as the founder of that framework. However, both Vivian’s emotional work and Possibility Management were developed independently based on personal research.

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